Prefix: p! or @PenguBot#9722 | Usage: [prefix][command]

Example: p!help | Format: Prefix!CommandName - Command Description

For Extended Help: Direct Message PenguBot p!help | For Specific Command Help: p!help CommandName

General Commands


p!invite - Displays the join server link of the bot.

p!ping - Runs a connection test to Discord.

p!donate - Donate to PenguBot and help make something awesome!

p!help - Display help for a command.

p!info - Provides some information about this bot.

p!shards - Check all the detailed shards information of PenguBot.

p!stats - Provides some details about the bot and stats.

p!support - Link to join PenguBot's Support Guild.

p!upvote - Vote for PenguBot on DBL and gain access to limited features in a second.

Admin & User

p!userconf - Define per-user configuration.

p!disablecmd - Disable/Enable Commands in your guild.

p!disablegroup - Disable/Enable Command Categories.

Custom Commands Management

p!createcmd - Allows Pengu Administrators and above to add custom commands to the guild.

p!deletecmd - Allows Pengu Administrators and above to delete a custom command made previously.

p!listcmds - List all custom commands made in a guild.

p!updatecmd - Allows Pengu Administrators and above to add custom commands to the guild.

p!togglecustomcmds - Allows Pengu Administrators and above to enable or disable custom commands in a guild.

Fun Images Commands

p!cat - Cute Cat Photos and Facts with Pengu!

p!cookie - Mouth watering Cookie pictures to make you even more hungry!

p!cuddle - Cuddle in, it's time to relax, everything's gonna be fine.

p!dog - Cute Doggo Pictures to make your day!

p!feed - Anyone hungry? Feed them some food.

p!fox - Love foxes? Me too! Here's a picture of a fox.

p!hug - Someone needs a hug? Why wait, just give it!

p!kiss - Get naughty and just kiss the person!

p!pat - Someone did a good job? Give them a pat.

p!pengu - The Cute OG Pengu Pictures!

p!poke - Ping someone by poking them!

p!punch - Someone's being naughty? Give them a strong punch!

p!randomcomic - The OG Kids would still remember comics, it's for them!

p!slap - Who's being naughty? Give them a tight slap!

p!tickle - Who's being tough on surface? Tickle them and make them laugh!

Games Commands

Game Statistics

p!clashroyale - Clash Royale Player Statistics within Discord.

p!fortnite - Get Fortnite Game Statistics within Discord.

p!osu - Get osu! Statistics in a cool way!

p!clashofclans - Get Clash of Clans Game Statistics within Discord.


p!8ball - Ask the magical 8ball your questions!

p!rps - Ever wanted to compete against Pengu in Rock, Paper, Scissors, the greatest eSport of all time? Now you can!

p!slots - I don't promote gambling but you can if you want because I can!

Image Manipulation Commands

p!achievement - Generate yourself a Minecraft Achievement image because My Craft...

p!approved - Approve Someone in a fancy way!

p!batslap - Be a Bat Man and slap someone!

p!beautiful - Admire your or someone else's avatar.

p!facepalm - *sigh* facepalm where you have to.

p!garbage - Garbage someone because they're trash.

p!illegal - Let's make things illegal by making trump sign the bills for it.

p!lio - Add yours or other people's face on to the cute lio!

p!missing - Has your dear one went missing? Get them a poster.

p!rejected - Reject someone, their quality isn't upto the mark.

p!respect - Pay someone their final respect.

p!snap - Create Snapchat Meme Images.

p!superpunch - Become a superman and give someone an even stronger punch!

p!tattoo - Ever wanted your avatar being tatted on someone else? Here you have it.

p!tinder - You Have a Match, let's match you with someone!

p!triggered - Because getting trigerred is a lot easier now...

p!vault - Be the ICONIC Vault boy or make someone else be one.

p!wanted - Print some Wanted posters of who is wanted by the sherrif department.

p!changemymind - Create a nice Change My Mind meme!

Jokes and Stuff Commands

p!chucknorris - Chuck Norris Jokes just a command away!

p!compliment - Be nice and compliment some people out there with Pengu!

p!dadjoke - Everyone loves jokes but what about some Dad Jokes?

p!dice - Roll a dice and get an outcome with Pengu!

p!fml - Things which has made people say FML!

p!insult - Don't be nice and insult a fellow guild member!

p!randomfact - Educate Yourself with Pengu!

p!trump - Get Trumped by Trump Insults!

p!yomomma - Still not tired of Yo Momma jokes? We got more, don't you worry!

Profiles Commands

p!backgrounds - Customize your PenguBot profile by buying and choosing different backgrounds.

p!daily - Claim your daily 100 Snowflakes which you can use to buy cosmetics.

p!leaderboard - See who is winning the leaderboard for your guild.

p!profile - Check yours or other users fancy profiles!

p!rep - Give your valuable rep point to someone to make them feel special.

p!snowflakes - Check your Snowflakes or send your Snowflakes to others.

p!title - Set your title which will be visible in your profile.

p!togglelevelup - Enable/Disable Level Up Announcements of Users in your guild.

Music Commands

p!dmsong - Make Pengu send you the current song in your DMs.

p!leave - Make Pengu forcefully leave your Voice Channel.

p!loop - Loop a song so it repeats when it finishes playing.

p!lyrics - Get a song's lyrics directly with Pengu.

p!music - Detailed information for all Music Commands.

p!nowplaying - Know which song is currently playing and what is it's progress.

p!queue - See the current song queue in an interactive manner

p!shuffle - Shuffle songs in the queue to be randomized.

p!skip - Skip the current song or call a vote skip if there are more than 3 members in the VC.

p!stop - Stop and Clear the queue if you're Pengu-DJ or are the only one listening.

p!volume - Change the default volume of Pengu in your guild

p!play - Play Songs from YouTube/Twitch/SoundCloud/Mixer/Live Streams, etc. with Pengu.

p!toggledj - Make it so only PenguDJ's can use Music Commands.

p!togglepause - Pause/Resume the currently playing music.

Moderation Commands

p!mute - Allows Pengu Moderators and above to Mute a person in the guild

p!prune - Allows Pengu Moderators and above to Bulk Delete messages in a guild with filters.

p!ban - Allows moderators and above to ban users.

p!kick - Allows moderators and above to kick users.

p!softban - Allows moderators and above to softban users.

p!toggleinvites - Enable/Disable Auto Deletion of Invite Links. Pengu Mods and above can bypass this.

Settings Commands

p!prefix - Allows Pengu Admins and above to change a guild's prefix for PenguBot.

p!makeadmin = Allows Administrators and Guild Owners to create new Pengu Admins.

p!makedj - Make a user Pengu DJ if you are Pengu Mod or above.

p!makemod - Allows Pengu Admins and above to create new Pengu Mods.

Utilities Commands

p!afk - Set yourself AFK with a reason so other's know!

p!avatar - Get Avatar URL of Yourself or Someone else.

p!guild - Get brief information about a guild with this command.

p!lmgtfy - Feeling lazy to google something? Let me google it for you.

p!poll - Create a Strawpoll using PenguBot

p!quote - Quote a message with it's Message ID.

p!remind - Make Pengu remind you things so you don't forget.

p!shorten - Let Pengu shorten your Long URLs in one simple command.

p!translate - Translate a sentence or message to any selected language.

p!twstats - Check Twitch Statistics live on the go.

p!urban - Find meanings of words on Urban Dictionary.

p!userinfo - Get brief user information in a single command.

p!weather - Get weather of your area easily and in a fun way.

p!ytstats - Check YouTube Statistics live on the go.

p!say - Allows Pengu Moderators and above to make Pengu say stuff.

Management Commands


p!addautoroles - Allows Pengu Administrators and above to add new Auto Roles.

p!toggleautoroles - Allows Pengu Administrators and above to enable or disable Auto Roles.


p!log - Enable/Disable Logging events if you're Pengu Admin or above.

p!loggingchannel - Select a Channel Where you want to Log Events.


p!starboard - Allows Pengu Moderators and above to force Starboard a message.

p!starboardchannel - Allows Pengu Administrators and above to set a Starboard channel.

p!starsrequired - Allows Pengu Administrators and above to set minimum stars before Starboard message.

p!togglestarboard - Allows Pengu Administrators and above to toggle Starboard in the guild.

Welcome & Leave

p!setleavechannel - Allows Pengu Administrators and above set leave messages channel in the guild.

p!setleavemsg - Allows Pengu Administrators and above set leave messages in the guild.

p!setwelcomechannel - Allows Pengu Administrators and above set welcome messages channel in the guild.

p!setwelcomemsg - Allows Pengu Administrators and above set welcome messages in the guild.

p!toggleleave - Allows Pengu Administrators and above to enable or disable welcome messages in the guild.

p!togglewelcome - Allows Pengu Administrators and above to enable or disable welcome messages in the guild.

NSFW Commands

p!amateur - -NOT SAFE FOR WORK- Ameteur Images.

p!anal - -NOT SAFE FOR WORK- Anal images.

p!boobs - -NOT SAFE FOR WORK- Boobs images.

p!booty - -NOT SAFE FOR WORK- Booty images.

p!gifs - -NOT SAFE FOR WORK- Animated Gifs.

p!gonewild - -NOT SAFE FOR WORK- Gone Wild Images.

p!lesbian - -NOT SAFE FOR WORK- Lesbian Images.

p!milfs - -NOT SAFE FOR WORK- MILF images.

p!nekos - -NOT SAFE FOR WORK- Nekos Images.

p!nsfwsnapchat - -NOT SAFE FOR WORK- Snapchat Images.

p!pussy - -NOT SAFE FOR WORK- Pussy images.

p!teen - -NOT SAFE FOR WORK- Teen images.